Best DJ Controller Reviews – Top 5

The ultimate guide: best DJ controller review

It is found that a DJ controller is one of the most important devices that is required by any of the DJ in order to do their job properly. But there are a huge number of products available in the market. People are often found to be confused among the available products and are not able to make the purchase properly. That is why to offer you ease with the selection task; we have mentioned some of the products in this list that counts as the best DJ controller. You can choose any of the products from the list according to your choice.


Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 Professional DJ 4 channel controller-rekordbox

This surely is the best DJ controller for a reason. The product is able to offer a huge number of features for the users without any problem. The device comes with a color LCD display on the jog screen. This display screen can be customized accordingly. The display screen is located at the center of the jog disk. The DJ controller is excellent in quality and transitions the music tracks effortlessly just like a breeze. The layout of the controller is familiar to the users, and it is also easy to use. The magvel fader is improved and is now able to offer durable services to the users. It is even immune to more than ten million movements. The refined software helps you to process the music easily and quickly. It is also extremely helpful to add texture to your sets without any complication.


  • The jog display is extremely efficient to be used even by the beginners.
  • The club styles layout provides you a bit familiar device to work on.
  • The device is known to be durable and is meant to offer long-lasting services to the users.
  • The performance pad is present that helps to access all the buttons and modes easily.
  • The full-sized jogs provide you a benefit in order to optimize the usage.
  • The unit is well connected and is portable as well in order to allow any kind of movement.


  • The controller is known to have very less support, and the hype is known to be high.
  • The support team is meant to offer no help at all.


Pioneer DJ DJ controller

The device is one of the bets to be known and surely is able to offer the best kind of services to the users. It has the separate buttons dedicated completely to the Serato FLIP. The controller has the four different channels that are specially designed to enable the adjustments and controls as well. The jog wheel that is used in this controller surely is properly updated, and it comes with a hot cue countdown to offer better services to the users. The performance pad in the device is multi-colored and is extremely sensitive to enable proper usage by the DJ who is operating the device. The software used by the controller is up to date and is meant to offer all the basic technicalities and services to the users that are meant to enhance the usage and offer the best sound quality without any kind of the problem.


  • The product is well known to offer the best sound quality to the users and also meant to offer the services best known to enhance the texture of the music pieces that are formed.
  • It surely is the right product that you can get in this price range. The features offered by the controller does complete justice to the money that you have invested in this device.
  • It is easy to be used and operated both by the professionals as well as the beginners.


  • The technical team does not provide any kind of support.
  • It is found that the device is found to be delivered defective to a huge number of people who placed the order.


Numark Mixtrack 3

This all in one controller is the right kind of virtual solution that you can get. It is coming along with a DJ LE software that is extremely beneficial for all the disk jockeys. The device surely has its name as one of the best DJ controllers for beginners. The USB controller in the device allows the product to get powered with the help of the USB connections. The aspiring DJs can use this device even with the help of their computers without any problem. The software that is downloaded is included after the free controller registration. It is important that you should refer using the user manual of the device before starting to use it. The metal jog wheels included in the device are touch sensitive and are meant to offer you the best services for sure. The touch strip is multifunctional, and the rubber trigger pads help you for the better grip.


  • The 16 backlit feature is extremely beneficial for the users.
  • You can easily have a look at the volume levels with the help of the display that is available.
  • The rubber trigger pads included in the device provides a better grip and usage.
  • The 100mm pitch sliders provided in the device helps you to keep the music in perfect sync for sure.


  • You will require a separate sound cord in order to attach any kind of external audio interface.
  • In case you want the sound output in any of the speakers or the headphones, it is important for you to buy the connecting device.


Eplison Quad mix Powerful 4-Deck professional MIDI

This device surely is the easiest and best DJ controller that you can get hold of. If you are looking for an effortless DJ controller, it is advised to choose this particular product. It is known for the ease of usage and is meant to offer the best kind of services for the users. The device is well known to be a great USB DJ controller that can even be used with the help of your personal computer. The device comes with a downloaded virtual DJ LE software that is known to make the task a lot easier as compared to the traditional DJ controllers. The jog wheels are about 13 mm large and are known to produce a high scratch effect to produce the music. It also comes with an in-built soundcard interface that is known for the speed audio with the 16 bit USB 2.0.


  • The built-in soundcard interface is meant to provide the use of technology in order to mix the tracks accurately.
  • The large jog wheels are easy to be used and provide better effects than the traditional devices.
  • The device comes along with a DJ LE software that is meant to offer the ease of usage.


  • The faders are known to break easily.
  • It comes with the DJ 7 LE software, and if you want to upgrade to the latest DJ 8, you need to pay the extra $150.


Pioneer DJ DDJ 400 2 Channel Controller- rekordbox

This is the best DJ controller that you can get in this price range. The product is able to offer you a huge number of features including the ease of use as well as the simple storage options for sure. The layout of the device is just like the club style DJ controllers. This is to offer you a familiar and easy user interface in order to help you practice the skills properly. The built-in soundcard in the device is extremely helpful and useful for the users. Also, the connectivity options that are offered with the help of the USB cable helps you to project your music pieces on some of the other devices as well.


  • The USB connectivity option is extremely helpful for the users.
  • The built-in sound card has proven to be extremely helpful and beneficial as well.
  • The device comes along with a Rekordbox DJ license key.
  • The device provides the new users with the tutorial feature that even allows the beginners to learn the basics of how to DJ.


  • The headphone jack is said to be useless by a huge number is users.
  • The tech support is not up to the mark.


All the products mentioned in the list are meant to offer you the best kind of services, and you can buy any of these products as per your choice. The Best DJ controller is the one that suits your needs properly and is able to provide you with the kind of services that you are looking for. You must keep this in mind before buying any of the products. Also, make sure only to make a purchase form the genuine dealers and not fall into any kind of the traps that are set up by the frauds companies or the dealers. Do not forget to only invest in the product that is able to provide you with the facilities and qualities of your interest.